Seattle Central College

Select the appointment type to make a booking.

NOTE: For Intake Interviews please bring a copy of your transcripts and education plan (if available).

NOTE: For personal statement and resume/LinkedIn appointments that require editing a document, you must email the first draft to the director at least one day prior to your appointment.

MESA Inquiry

Interested in joining MESA, but want to learn more about the program before committing? Select this option for a quick lowdown on what we do and what would be expected of you as a MESA Scholar.

(15 minutes)

Intake Interview (New members only)

Intake interviews allow the MESA director to learn more about you to provide targeted services and share resources unique to your educational experience.

(1 hour)

Follow-up Appointment

Follow-up appointments are 15-minute sessions to share new information, ask a quick question, or to follow up on a task given to you by the MESA director.

(15 minutes)

Extended Follow-up Appointment

For those situations that require more time to resolve, choose this option and let’s chat!

(30 minutes)

Application Assistance

MESA can help you fill out scholarship, job, resources, and internship applications so you can feel confident when submitting your application.

(30 minutes)

Resume/LinkedIn Review

We can help with the creation of a resume and LinkedIn profile. NOTE: You must email the director a draft of your resume at least one day prior to your scheduled meeting.

(45 minutes)

Personal Statement Review

Let MESA help you tell your story in an engaging way. NOTE: You must email the director your personal statement draft prior to your scheduled appointment.

(45 minutes)

Employee Performance Review (MESA ambassadors only)

Quarterly employee performance review for MESA ambassadors.

(30 minutes)

Industry & University Professionals

Industry or university professionals who would like to partner with MESA and/or learn more about our services, please choose this option.

(1 hour)

AmeriCorps VISTA Interview

VISTA AmeriCorps volunteers who have been invited to interview for the MESA Project Coordinator position.

(30 minutes)